• July 23, 2018

Finding the Right Car for Your Budget

Finding the Right Car for Your Budget

Purchasing a motor vehicle is not a cheap thing to do and trying to get the balance right on using public transport and getting a car of your own can be a difficult choice.  Due to the price of cars, there are many different options for people which include getting lease cars or even personal loans as generally people just don’t have the money in the bank to purchase outright.  Depending on what your budget is, there are many different options for you to consider.


This is becoming more important year after year.  The governments are committing to both national and international targets in respect to emissions into the atmosphere.  As a direct response to this, the car industry has taken steps to reduce their emissions and vehicles such as electric cars are becoming more common.  We are beginning to see charging stations pop up in places are around the country. 

Fuel Prices

Not only do you need to consider the initial offset in spending for your car, but you need to think about the ongoing costs associated with it.  One of the main factors here will be the price of fuel.  Diesel and petrol prices can be somewhat unpredictable and the oil price around the globe can change quickly due to political reasons.  Make sure that when you are purchasing your vehicle you understand its level of fuel consumption and how efficient the car is.  Getting this wrong and purchasing a gas guzzler car could be very costly for you each time you go to refuel.

Comparing Cars

There are many showrooms dotted around the country where you can see almost any car that you want.  The beauty of this is that you can also test drive it before you purchase.  If however you see the car that you want but it doesn’t have something just to your liking then don’t let that put you off as you can customize your car by going to websites such as AutoAnything who have numerous products including wheels, seat covers, exhausts etc.  You can check prices online before you buy and make comparisons to ensure you stay within your budget – AutoAnything actually have a deals page which may be worth looking at.

Car Depreciation

What you also need to bear in mind is that a car is not really considered as an investment.  If you purchase a brand new car then as soon as you drive it out the forecourt its price will fall dramatically quite quickly.  There are cars though where the depreciation value is very limited due to high demand such as Aston Martin.  Have in mind how long you would like to keep the vehicle so you can budget and estimate how much it will be worth in that period.  This is where a lease option may seem more attractive so that after the agreed period you have the vehicle you either purchase it outright or you simply hand it back to the company you got it from.

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