• June 14, 2010

Rolls Royce bags costly power generation orders

Rolls-Royce seems to have done it again as they have very recently announced that they have received record orders that adds up to more than nearly two hundred million dollars, and this is for the equipment that they provide for electrical power generation and supply. Most of their customers are based in countries such as Bangladesh, Spain, Australia as well as Yemen.

This can only mean that the confidence that customers have in the quality of power generation provided by Rolls Royce is only on the rise; this is an a proud announcement that the company made recently in Amsterdam at the Power-Gen Europe conference.

The products that the company is delivering are of course doing the basic job of generating power in an excellent fashion; but not only that the advanced technology that the company uses makes sure that the emission levels are very low which means that the company is also doing its bit for the environment.

Speaking of the new orders that is worth the over two hundred million dollars includes 5 Bergen gas engines, 25 Bergen diesel engines, six Trent 60 gas turbines- the net result of all this combined means that it can produce over 560 MV worth of electrical energy- supplying the country with electricity at peak demand times and also regions; and this is alone for the five new customers who have placed orders with the company. The largest contract however has come from Bangladesh and this is supposed to be worth over seventy five million dollars alone.

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