• April 14, 2010

Rukus Being Revealed at New York Auto Show


The unveiling of Rukus at the New York auto show has been a great event. This model is a head turning vehicle which would be on sale from June 1st. The great looks of the Rukus along with its ground breaking qualities make it a very special car. But it is not one for the mainstream market though it has become iconic in the US market for its remarkable qualities.

Photo by toyota.com.au

Toyota Australia’s marketing manager, Scott Thompson, has already declared that the Rukus would be able to maintain a very young as well as urban trend setting experience. The car’s design is a bold move in the international field. It is not one of the cars looking to be accepted by all and sundry but really create a standing out stance. Its boxy shape is quite challenging to the usual norms of car dealership.

It is there to spark quite an issue in the mass-market for cars. It brings polarizing opinions amidst the wide ranging car market. Its performance and features go beyond the normal expectations of the car market. Rukus fans are passionate about the ground breaking deals this car is welcoming into the world. There are many owners who dress up the Rukus according to their own taste, with the help of accessorizing that comes right after the main market release.

Toyota Genuine has been customizing and bringing access to the whole scenario for Rukus’s setting. It is yet to be unveiled in the Australian market but would be released with big fanfare as it is not going to just yet another car release.

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