• March 16, 2010

Rukus By Name, Ruckus By Nature

2010 Toyota Rukus

There is news brewing at the Toyota stable and this is really good news for all the car fanatics out there. Toyota Australia has a new baby and it is called Rukus and is being launched especially for the country.

Photo by ArtistOnline

The car will be out in the market before the year hits the middle mark as well. What is the Rukus? It is an utility car. Also one of the main features of the car will be the fact that there will be significant stylistic trademarks that will make the Rukus something to really reckon with. Also, the car will have an overall feel of aggression.

As Scott Thompson, the marketing manager would say, this car is targeted towards the aggressive youth of today. The youth will be able to customize the car as they wish and it will come with a wild and funky design anyway.

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