• August 27, 2009

Saab’s New Release

SaabSaab’s flagship release has been that of a really technically advanced vehicle. It has great features including all new drive ways as well as bi-xenon adaptive headlights coming with it.

The model has a muscular design that is captivating and it is a whole new 9-5 flagship. It is an independent and successful automaker deal that has made Saab so very successful with its new releases.

The GM had reached a deal with Saab earlier this month that had made a signature route of Keonigsegg Group AB with some investors backing it up. Koenigsegg AB is a tiny Swedish company that makes over $1 million worth supercars. The redesigned 9-5 Saab is a very special car that will use GM’s Epsilon 2 as its platform for release.

 sCredit: autoweek

The 9-5 also brings an important role with the new product that has KOenigsegg coming as a plan. The purchase will be made through GM as per their final decisions.

Source: autoweek

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