• July 18, 2011

Safe Driving Strategies to Save Gas

Soaring fuel prices induced people to use gas operated vehicles but unfortunately CNG prices are also increasing with every passing month. One can not do any thing in this regard but following some strategies can help the automobile owners to efficiently enhance the mileage of their respective vehicles.

Strategy No. 1:

One can not avoid brakes but one thing should be kept in mind that excessive use of brakes means you are wasting fuel unnecessarily. When you apply brakes, it consume the kinetic energy of moving vehicle and this kinetic energy is generated from the gasoline and is converted to heat which is released in the atmosphere as burned fuel. Keep it in mind that when you keep on accelerating your vehicle and then apply brakes all of a sudden it decreased the efficiency of your vehicle. Avoid excessive use of brakes if you want to improve the fuel economy of your vehicle.

Strategy No. 2:

As a matte of fact, Jackrabbit employs additional fuel; if you are on highway and you realized that you have broken the speed limit, neither return to desired speed limit all of a sudden nor too slowly. Remember that fuel economy of vehicles decreases in low gears; accelerating rate and gear ratio vary with vehicles. You can test it by yourself that when you take 15 seconds to accelerate to 50 mph, vehicles consume less fuel as compare to 30 seconds to attain the same speed.

Strategy No. 3:

Most of the people believe that air conditioner of vehicles consumes more fuel, somewhat it is true but some interesting facts are related to this phenomenon. When you drive at 55mph and turn on air conditioner you can achieve 24mpg and when you will turn off the air conditioner you can reach up to 28mpg. Some among us often open windows in summer to save fuel but you might be surprised to know that aerodynamic drag increases with speed. When the speed of vehicle is less that 55mph, you can open windows and turn off air conditioner to save fuel but at speed of 60mph or more windows should be closed and you can turn on air conditioner because less fuel is consumed at this speed.

Strategy No. 4:

Some studies revealed that when a car moves from a speed of 40mph to 60mph, it consumes less fuel but you accelerate it from 60mph to 80mph more fuel is consumed.

Strategy No. 5:

Majority of people turn the vehicles to neutral phase when they move downhill, this condition is very dangerous because one can not apply brakes even when engine freeze in neutral phase that’s why it has been banned in several countries. There is an alternate solution to attain the fuel economy when moving downhill, leave your car in gear and make it fuel efficient. You might be surprised to read this but it is true, the reason behind this fact is most of the vehicles features fuel injected engines and they utilize deceleration fuel cut off controlled by computer when you remove your feet from the gas during maintaining the car in gear, injectors mechanically shut down and the revolving tires of car which are linked to the engine through transmission keep on operating the engine and other accessories. As a result, engine do not consumes fuel when you move downhill with your vehicle.

Strategy No. 6:

It is suggested that tire pressure should be monitored daily before going out in your vehicle. When the tire pressure is low, resistance with road increases vice versa. Hence it is better to check the tire pressure if you are interested to save fuel.

Strategy No. 7:

Here is an interesting fact about warm engine and its fuel efficiency, it become convenient for vehicles to attain improved fuel economy when the engine is warm. Hence if you aim to move to three locations at different distances from your home, move to the far one first and let your engine to warm up and work efficiently n terms of fuel economy.

Strategy No. 8:

Avoid such gasoline that contains reduced level of ethanol to 10-15 percent i.e. E10 and E15 because it works negatively for mpg. Always remember that gasoline pile up more energy as compare to ethanol; hence more ethanol is consumed to reach the same distance as compare to gasoline.

These simple strategies and tactics will help you to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicles. Keep it in mind that although it’s you biggest concern to save fuel but never employ such tactics which can prove to be risky and threatening to your life.

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