• July 4, 2011

Sales Report of BMW U.S.A. for June 2011

BMW Group of U.S.A unveiled the sales report for the month of June; according to the report June was lucky month for BMW because sales of 26,865 automobiles were recorded for this which is 15.1% above than the sales of June 2010. Sales of BMW vehicles was 143,521 for the first half of 2011where as the sales for the first half of 2010 was 121,585 which means that BMW experienced 18% increase in sale in first half of 2011 as compare to 2010.

CEO of BMW of North America Jim O’Donnell said, “With all that’s gone on in the world in the last month, our own economy and auto market are still volatile places so you’d better have the right models and business strategy to attract customers in this environment. We’ve been fortunate to have both and that’s why we’re in the market leading position for the first half of 2011 and more new models are on the way giving us the opportunity to stay there.”

BMW Brand Sales for June 2011

BMW brand sales of 21,637 vehicles was reported for June 2011, on the other side 19, 182 units were sold in June 2010 which means the sales of BMW vehicles has been increased by 12.8%.

Remarkable sale of BMW X3 SAV

BMW X3 SAV that was launched in January 2010 remained the best selling brand in June 2011 and sales of 12,725 X3 vehicles was recorded for June 2011 as compare to sales of 3,439 for June 2010. This tremendous 270% increase in sales of X3 SAV reflects that it has become the most popular BMW model in U.S.A.

Sales Record of BMW 5 Series

Sales of BMW 5 Series vehicles has been increased by 13% as compare to last year; in the first 6 months of 2010, 15,846 vehicles of BMW 5 Series were sold whereas 25,287 models of BMW 5 Series has been sold in the first half of 2011 which means it experienced 60% increase in sale till June 2011.

Sales Record Used BMW

Combined sale of BMW used vehicles for June 2011 was 12,801 which is 4.8% less as compare to June 2010 i.e. 13,445 pre-owned BMW vehicles were sold in June 2010.

Sales Record of MINI Brand

In June 2011, 5,228 units of MINI were sold in U.S.A., on the other side 4,149 vehicles of MINI were sold in June 2011 it means sales of MINI Brand has been increased by 26%. Overall, sales of MINI vehicle in the first half of 2010 was recorded as 20,953 and for the first half of 2011 it has been recorded as 29,816 i.e. 42.3% increase in volume as compare to last year.

Vice President of MINI USA, Jim McDowell said “Fuel prices have moderated in the last month or so but we are still seeing an increase in MINI sales. It’s not just the new Countryman that’s popular but the entry hardtop as well, telling me that more Americans are embracing small cars as a rational choice.”

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