• August 3, 2011

Sales Report of Toyota Vehicles for July 2011

Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A has unveiled the sales report for the month of July 2011 and it is found to be 130,802 units, this result shows a drop off 19.7% as compare to sales figure of July 2010 based on DSR (Daily Selling Rate). Toyota division confirmed the sales of 116,263 vehicles for the month of July based on DSR which is 19.8% less in comparison to sales of July 2010.  On the basis of raw volume, sales of Toyota Division were 22.8% less than the sales of July 2010. Lexus Division recorded sales of 14,539 units which mean 18.8 less than the sales of July 2010 based on DSR. Based on raw volume, sales of Lexus Division for the month of July is 21.8% less than the July 2010.

Vice President of Toyota Division sales Jeff Bracken said, “For the second straight month, Toyota posted a month-to-month sales gain as inventories continued to recover. With the launch of four all-new models in the second half, including the 2012 Camry, and a production outlook that continues to improve, we’re optimistic our strong momentum will continue.”

Sales Record of Toyota Division Vehicles for July 2011

  • Passenger cars of Toyota Division reported sales of 60,088 units i.e. decline of 28.3% from July 2010.
  • The total sales of Camry and Camry Hybrid for the month of July is more than the passenger cars i.e. 27,016 units.
  • Recorded Sales of Corolla was 17,577 units and that of Prius is reported to be 7,907 units.
  • Sales of Avon Sedan reported to be 2,698 units which is almost same as compare to July 2010.
  • Sales of light trucks for July 2011 were found to be 56,175 units i.e. 8.3% less as compare to July 2010.
  • Monthly Sales of RAV4 compact SUV was 8,814 units for the months of July 2010.
  • Total sales of Highlander and Highlander Hybrid were 9,552 units and Venza (mid-size cross over) recorded sales of 4,711 units.
  • Sales of Scion for July 2011 are 3,499 units and that of tC sports coupe is 1,590 units.

Sales Record of Lexus Division for July 2011

  • Toyota Lexus Division recorded sales of 7,974 units for passenger cars which is 7.7% less than the sales record of July 2010.
  • Sales Luxury Sedan ES 350 was more than passenger cars for July 2011i.e. 2,850 units.
  • Total sales of IS line-up was reported to be 2,305 units
  • CT 200h premium hybrid compact (all-new) reported sales of 1,553 units for July 2011.
  • Recorded sales of light trucks of Lexus Division were 6,565 units i.e. decline of 29.2% from July of last year.
  • RX luxury utility vehicle recorded combined sales of 5,471 units and 830 units of GX 460 were sold in July 2011.

Sales Record of TMS Hybrids for July 2011

  • TMS recorded sales of 11,047 hybrid vehicles in July 2011i.e. 34.5% less as compare to July 2010.
  • Toyota Division recorded sales of 8,485 hybrid vehicles; on the other side 2,562 hybrid vehicles of Lexus Division were sold in July 2011 and it showed increase of 71.5% as compare to July 2010.

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