• December 30, 2009

Scion Helping Military People to Bring Gifts to Their Children

During this holiday season there has been a blithe spirit that has been spreading good cheer and love through Scion throughout the division of Toyota Motor Sales.

Photo by nstiles42
Photo by nstiles42

There has been a launch of a special holiday program which helps servicemen to bring gifts for deployed children overseas. They have miniature die cast or plus TC that really brings along personalized messages for helping these children get gifts and feel better.

There are different brave as well as dedicated servicemen that have come to be with children for the holidays. They have been spreading some good cheer and laughter just by being with the children. The way they are connecting has been putting some smiles to the children’s faces. There have been seasons like these which have totally changed the atmosphere for the children there.

These are simple gestures and yet they make a lot of difference for them as well. This is definitely a great way to feel connected and get some work of goodwill done. This is also quite interesting to learn that US troops have been supporting Scion in this endeavor.

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