• November 26, 2014

Scion Rules Out FR-S Turbo and Convertible Models in the Near Future

Scion Rules Out FR-S Turbo and Convertible Models in the Near Future

Almost a year ago, Scion showed off a concept vehicle called GT86 and it was mentioned that the car would turn into production and would turn into Scion FR-S Turbo. However, in the latest announcements, Scion has sidelined the news and said that currently they are not really focusing on the Turbo model to come up and that has been like a bad news to all the Scion FR-S fans that were eagerly waiting for the turbo model to come up. Many fans of Toyota/Subaru GT86 platform said that they were not happy with the announcement since they appreciate the low price and excellent capabilities of Scion FR-S.

Scion FR-S Turbo

Doug Martha, Senior Vice President of Scion spoke at the Wards Auto at the Los Angeles Auto Show and said that both the turbo and convertible models are not in the lineup at the moment. Martha did mention that they have various other special editions to work on and therefore they would like to go that way rather than work on the Turbo models. It could also be because of the rapidly declining sales of the GT86 platform and therefore Scion is moving ahead with something that can offer them better stability and profit in the market.

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