Second Generation SRX from Cadillac

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The North American Auto Show, to be held next week in Detroit will be the launch platform for the second generation 2010 SRX. It is up with a variety of new features and a mid size.

Mark McNabb, North America vice president, Cadillac/Premium Channel says, “With new technologies for increased efficiency and safety, the redesigned 2010 SRX Crossover focuses on both the emotional and pragmatic sides of the luxury consumer.”

He further uttered, “The all-new SRX is a fresh and compelling crossover aimed squarely at the priorities of luxury buyers”.

It has two high tech six cylinders displacement engines, which is a new feature in 2010 SRX. A 3.0 liters direct injection V-6 engine, with optional 2.8 liters turbo charged V-6 engine.

Hydro carbon’s release is 25 percent lessened in the direct injection system. It is also expected that fuel consumption will also be lessened.

The interior is designed with professional delicacy and pragmatic approach. It is quite spacious and five people can easily be seated. Space for luggage is there too. Cadillac Design Director Dean said, “Inside the new SRX, technical precision blends with old-world craftsmanship”, “hand-cut-and-sewn coverings on the instrument panel and ambient lighting details convey a finely tailored cabin.”

In this car beauty and strength go hand in hand as it can tow weight up to 1,587 kg i.e. 3,500 pounds. Road grip is ideal as it comes with AWD; All Wheel Drive, with eLSD technology which provides extra care in icy and wet road conditions.

With lots more features yet to discover, it is awaited till it is brought in for exhibition, indeed is a traveler’s dream.

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