• July 10, 2009

Silverado Beats F-10 in Terms of America’s Best Selling Light Duty Pickup

Ford F-150If you are not familiar with it yet, America’s sweetheart pick up truck is the Chevy Silverado, outrunning the usually popular Ford F-150. According to J.D. Power Information Network, this is the current most popular pick up truck of our times.

This light weight and extremely functional and reliable pick up car is simply the best when it comes to the call for duty. It is not a fluke but the information is a really proven one that GM sold more Silverado this year than the usually popular Ford F-150. The automakers of today don’t break the statistics in the usual way as sales take place but it is possible to keep track through manufacturers and sales ratio. Ford’s Super Duty series has actually been outrun for the first time in ages.


Only 50% of the current Super Duty Series automobiles are on the pick up market, currently, creating a certain gap from the company.

Source: autoblog

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