• July 4, 2018

Software Categories Inspired by Cars for Car Lovers

Software Categories Inspired by Cars for Car Lovers

Would your friends consider you a motorhead? If you like to work on your car for no practical reason, enjoy shows like Top Gear, have a t-shirt or baseball cap with a picture or logo of a car, or find ways to slip car analogies into every conversation, then you are probably a motorhead.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The only reason they invented the wheel was to put them on cars. We invented fire to get those engines going. Could you even get to your job without a car, bus, or other motorized vehicles? Congratulations if you can. Most can’t. Our lives depend on them. It is little wonder that we are fixated on them.

Because of the close connection to cars and computer technology, it is little wonder that there are countless software titles devoted to cars. Here are a few of the categories in large strokes, and why you might find them worthwhile, whether or not you consider yourself a motorhead:

The Business of Cars

If you are into cars on the business side of things, you will be thrilled to learn that there is a whole category of software developed just for you. You can get auto parts inventory software that helps you quickly source and order the right parts based on your diagnosis of the car’s problem. That can give you the edge over the competition when it comes to fast turnaround and cost savings. 

Even as a consumer, you don’t want to go to a repair tech who is just winging it. You hope they determine all the parts that are necessary the first time. You hope they can get them in a timely manner. And you hope they don’t charge you outrageous fees for cheap parts and easy work. You are far better off doing business with people who use software to streamline the process.

Car-based Games

Some of the racing games are so immersive, selecting the right site for free car games can make a real difference. Not all of them will be using the fastest servers on the fastest connection. Some will be much more responsive than others. It is a difference that can fully immerse you in the action, or take you completely out of it.

Racing games were among the first computer programs, not just the first games. For a while, driving games dominated the arcade world. And it was only natural that, when people were able to secure their own personal arcades in the form of computers, they would want to relive those arcade experiences.

Car Diagnostic Software

OBD2 is the second version of onboard diagnostic tools. It used to be that these onboard diagnostics were only available to certified technicians. They were not there to empower end-users. 

But all that has changed. So common are these diagnostic tools that there is even a budget category for OBD2 tools. This software often works in conjunction with hardware devices you have to plug into a port in the car. The software is available for both major platforms and serves to empower the consumer like never before.

In-dash Entertainment Software

When it comes to in-dash entertainment systems, you have three choices: the automaker’s system, Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto. If you are an Apple user, you want CarPlay. If you are an Android user, you want Android Auto. There are very few circumstances where you will ever prefer the car company’s system. Pay extra and get anything else.

These systems work with the smartphone you already have so that you can use the more reliable and constantly updated maps on your phone. You have access to all your favorite music and media content, as well as streaming services. And you have access to your communications through the car’s speakers controlled by the power of your voice.

The next car-based software breakthrough will be for self-driving cars. All the computer companies are working on it. Until then, enjoy car software that helps you streamline your business, gets your heart racing, helps you diagnose issues, and keeps you entertained on those long drives.

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