• October 13, 2009

Space Age Safety Features

The Auburn University and Ford exploration team have found out new ways of that can prevent GPS satellites from getting help about controlling auto accidents.

 sPhoto by Brad Pennock

The advanced research company, Ford Motor Company, has teamed up with Auburn University in order to bring about some of the greatest global positioning in order to get them a GPS satellite that could totally monitor the moves about communication and car safety in terms of accident prevention.

The virtual testing shows some incredible options about monitoring some of the biggest turns and moves about vehicle motion. The improvement and speed as well as effectiveness can bring about electronic stability through such control systems. The real improvements take place with prototype phases working through the research process.

The Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ International Conference on Systems with Man and Cybernetics in San Antonio brings about some of the greatest research findings about space age protection as well as in-car safety look out.

The joint research is now working to bring about increased focus, safety as well as sustainability with the ongoing research about greater protection of vehicles in the rest of the country. Vehicle Dynamics laboratory in Auburn, Ala has also formed an important part in the process of the industry growth.

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