• December 23, 2009

Speed, Power and Performance – you get it all here!

The Los Angeles Auto Show happens to be one of the most popular auto shows showcasing a range of over 900 vehicles, some being world debuts from manufacturers like Ford, Porsche, Subaru, Volkswagen and many more. Generally held in November-December this exhibition lasts for 10 days and is open to public.

Photo by peterw_in_la
Photo by peterw_in_la

Freshly manufactured to crazily modified the Los Angeles Auto show 2009 had it all, from Chevrolet’s first electric car-the Volt, the Volkswagen New Beetle (final Edition), to the evergreen Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid. This is one of the best places to find cheap, convenient to flashy and uber-expensive vehicles. Press conferences had also been held announcing the unveiling of specially designed cars like the Scion which apparently takes tailgating to a whole new level. A brilliant modification on Kogi xD comes with a built-in-grill, refrigerator and working sink. Another Scion production the Five Axis Dj xB is practically a disco-on-the wheels.

As for the non-modified vehicles, manufacturers like Porsche has released brand new versions of the Boxster Spyder which has been upgraded and is considered the lightest Porsche in the market. Cheaper cars like Hyundai Sonata, sedans from Mercedes and Volkswagen have managed to create heavy sales even in the low economy. Cleaner machines along with meaner machines have appeared in this show this year, in an order to save the environment manufacturers have come up with an array of hybrid cars which use cleaner fuel and alternative sources of energy like hydrogen fuel cell, natural gas, and ethanol had made their appearance felt in the show.

Features like hill start assist and downhill braking control with a four cylinder engine, the 2010 Hyundai Tuscon had got it’s share of the attention too. Yet, the show stealers happened to be the favourites like the Rolls Royce Ghost which the company described best as “immediate and extremely smooth” took people’s breaths away, and as for the minivans Toyota Sienna was an eyecatcher, finished with high-tech gadgets like a 180 degree backup camera, adaptive radar cruise control. Which all showed that even minivans have a lot of style in them.


  • That Mercedes looks absolutely awesome, would have loved to have gotten to this show!

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