• August 1, 2011

Sports Cars- Now Safety in your hands

Sports Cars are high power cars which give you a true racing experience but safety should be the main concern when buying them. While selecting a sports car, engine, performance, price and outlook are important but most important are you and your family, so ignoring its safety feature can be risky for your life. Therefore, safety is in your hands, whether you are selecting a sports car, buying it or driving it.

Chose a Safe Sports Car

The first step is to choose a safe sports car. Check whether it is safe for your family and child in addition to its sporty and robust features. Check inside and outside safety.

Verify Safety Features of Sports Car

Verify all the safety features such as anti-lock brakes, stability control and traction control work. These systems stabilize the car in emergency situations. In the chance of collision, these features balance the car and give you more control over your sports car. They also help prevent skidding of the sports car, even on rainy and hilly terrains.

Visibility is the top priority as you can cruise freely and without worry when there is more visibility. The muscular and fascinating rooflines and thick rear pillars gives a charm to your sports car but at the same time blocks your view. While driving at dangerous and rushy roads and taking sharp turns, the blind spots makes the view less visible. It is often difficult to see other vehicles in the side lanes.

Air Bag Systems and child protection seat are some other features which should be kept in mind while buying a sports car. Many auto manufacturers have introduced features that assist driver during driving, thus ensuring your safety. e.g Ford Mustang has added blind spot mirrors to enhance visibility. Audi TT and BMW Z4 have rear-parking system facility which helps the driver in parking in the urban areas by giving him warning. Nissan 370Z has a backup camera that allows you to drive on curvy and hilly roads with safety.

Check Crash Test Rating of Sports Cars

Always check the Check Crash Test Rating of Sports Cars to make sure that car is safe to drive. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) checks the sports cars safety by conducting crash tests for the federal government. The safety ratings, front and side crash-test scores, and rollover ratings are provided by NHTSA. Verify if the vehicle has got 4- 5 stars then it has a good safety ratings and it is safe for your family to freely enjoy the sports ride.

Cruise the Sports car safely

Lastly when you have personalized a sports car, cruise it safely. It can be fun to race at high speeds and get most out of your sports car driving experience but don’t go beyond limits. The higher power-to-weight ratio and lower posture of the sports car gives you more control over the car and you can drive it at greater speed but at high speeds traction can be lost which can be dangerous in terms of safety.

The sturdy suspension components and muscular tires help the car to cruise smoothly on dry and windy roads. However, driving can be a bit risky in rain, snow or ice and speed limits should be kept in mind to stay protected. As once the control is lost over the sports car it is very difficult to regain it and results can be terrible. So, drive your sports car with passion but with care as safety is in your hands.

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