• March 29, 2010

Sporty Wheel Option For Prius

Prius Wheels

Toyota has an entire brand new range called Prius which offers amazing kinds of wheels and tyres.

This is absolutely brand new and has the seventeen inches wheel which gives it an extremely sporty look. This car is being led by the amazing and brand new technology called Hybrid Synergy Drive which makes the machine amazingly fast.

Photo by Ziflin

Also if you are particularly concerned about fuel economy then the good news is that the car comes with resistance tyres which ensure that not too much money needs to be spent on the fuel.

The best part is that the Prius comes with brand new types of technology which also includes satellite navigation options. Intelligent park assistant , IPA, is also available so that you find it extremely easy and convenient to park your car anytime and anywhere you want.

There is also another new version of the model called Prius i=Tech which is also extremely fuel efficient because of the seventeen inch will make. This is quite an unique selling point of the vehicle that also makes it quite popular and much in demand. There is also a spare attached to the car models that have the seventeen inch tyre.

Prius was launched last year in Australia and became quite popular. It is definitely one of the cars of the hybrid vehicle variety that also sells really well. In fact sales of the Prius have reached almost 1.6 millions.

The cars are priced accordingly:

Prius (15-inch alloys with wheel cover): $39,900
Prius (17-inch alloy wheels, sat-nav and IPA): $45,500
Prius i-Tech (15-inch alloys with wheel cover) $53,500
Prius i-Tech (17-inch alloy wheels, no moonroof): $52,000

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