• August 27, 2009

Spy Shots for Mercedes Benz SLC

Mercedes Benz SLCSpy shots of the Mercedes Benz SLC have been caught in Monterey. This convertible is to be featured at the Frankfurt Motor Show which is to be right around the corner. The show is going to be huge, making big splashes and release for most car making companies.

The North American media is getting really excited about the new releases that are going to come in the Frankfurt show. The next month will see new exciting ranges of fresh cars that are going to head out to the market soon thereafter. The current car in concern is the Mercedes Benz of stellar quality that comes with a 565 hp, 6.3 liter AMG SLC variation.

The spy shots were taken from a sudden sighting of the SLC model outside Intercontinental Hotel in Monterey, CA. These shots, though mildly camouflaged, reveal parts of the future SLS.

 SCredit: autoblog

The M-B crew will be hosting a press event in honor of its release in Monterey area itself and right outside there it was, the true beauty that everybody had been awaiting for. The Monterey peninsula will have the Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca where the tracks for the revelation of this beautiful model would be laid out. Engineers are all set to make things right for the big event.

Source: autoblog

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