• July 22, 2009

Spy Shots of 2010 Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJThe neat body of Jaguar XJ 2010 had been shown on introduction but the online premier and the brief jaunt of showcasing died off after the arrival in London.However here are the spotted spy shots again that have been calling all Jaguar lovers with a wake up call.

This new beauty is haunting and mystical with gorgeous features. The spy shots were taken in the summer sun in Death Valley. The car has a particularly light hue to its body.

It is coming out in Blue Metallic with the front looking extremely attractive and lean. The new design and direction gives it a new edge, all ready to usher into the brilliant 2010.

2010 really seems to have some great cars lined up for release and this seems to be one of the top favorite ones. It is now in near-production version. There are evenly split styling across its body.

Source: autoblog

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