• March 19, 2010

Stability Control Now Standard For Corolla


The Toyota Corolla has been the favorite small car of Australia for the past decade or so – and now it has been made even better by the safety of the vehicle stability control (VSC), which has now been made standard across the range.

Photo by Taylor B92

All the Corolla sedan models which have been produced since December, and the ones available in Toyota dealerships now – have the standard fitment of VSC – this also comes with traction control.

The main thing to remember is that these two technologies combine, giving the driver better control of the car – especially in slippery and low-traction conditions. An upgrade was made last year, which made the stability and traction control standard for the Corolla hatch.

The brakes are automatically applied to individual wheels by VSC, and when it is appropriate, the engine power is reduced – this helps to steer the vehicle to where the driver wants to go. Road safety experts all over the world are saying that this kind of vehicle stability control could be instrumental in preventing at least one-third of all fatal crashes – also the rollover risk would be reduced by as much as 80 percent. Traction control can help to prevent the loss of traction, from a car’s driven wheels.

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