• May 13, 2009

Strida Designer Introduces Folding Bike

folding bikeIf are one of them that don’t want to chain their bikes in the street to avoid getting its stolen, passerby kicks and possible piss on it from dogs, you need not to worry anymore as a folding bike can serve your purpose best especially the one which has been introduced by a Strida designer recently.

Strida designer Mark Sanders has just uncovered that IF-Mode folding bike and the main difference between this and the other bikes that have been introduced earlier on a same pattern is that this new Strida designer bike has full-sized wheels that can make it quite easier for you to ride in pothole strewn streets.

There is hidden chain, the brakes have disks that sit in the wheels centre and the gear-shift has been done in the heel so you need not to stick to anything else.

folding bike

The folding in the vehicle has been done quite tactfully and it’s quite hard to find whether you can fold it or not once you have done it.

Source: WIRED


  • As the first dealer in the USA to have IF MODE folding bikes in stock, I can attest to the tremendous interest in this gorgeous folding bicycle by cyclists and non-cyclists alike.

    I exhibited the IF MODE this weekend at the New Orleans celebration of National Train Day. All day, people asked me questions about the bike and wanted to see it being folded and unfolded.

    Video – IF MODE At National Train Day… http://tinyurl.com/o4xlzt

    IF MODE Ride Review…

    By the way, I disagree with the “huge when folded” comment. I store my personal IF MODE in a carry bag designed for 20″ bikes.

    Larry Lagarde

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