• March 19, 2010

Stylish Accessories Complement Hybrid Camry

Hybrid Camry

Now, the customers of the Toyota Hybrid Camry can choose from a variety of genuine accessories, which will surely add style and panache to their new car. Both the models of the Hybrid Camry come with alloy wheels (these are standard) – for this, Toyota offers a Toyota Genuine allow wheel lock nut set, this helps to prevent any theft.

Photo by toastforbrekkie

The modern styling of the vehicle is complemented by the subtle and stylish slim-line weather shield on the car, in fact, the set of four weather shields sits closer to the body of the car than is usually the case. These weather shields are made from tinted and UV resistant plastic – and there is also an elegant chrome strip.

Customers can also go for a standard front weather shield, both of which are tailored specially keeping the Camry in mind. If customers want additional style, they can choose a rear spoiler. The low profile rear spoiler is constructed from quality, impact-resistant plastic – and adds visual presence to the appearance of the Camry.

Customers can buy the Toyota Genuine headlamp covers and bonnet protector – which give protection against stone chips, insects, and other kinds of damage. All of these protective accessories have been made from high-strength acrylic, which is resistant to not only cracking but also to UV discoloration.

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