• January 15, 2009

Subaru Legacy Concept – Showing What Future Will Bring To You!

subaru-legacy-concept_5Subaru introduced its Subaru concept at the Detroit auto show. It is a hint of the 2010 Legacy model, whose sale is due in summer.

It is a well designed car with an interior that is remarkably worked out and an exterior that looks awful.

The new exterior is designed with an aggressive and ‘statement’ look.

This new design is modeled because of 20 years of successful production of Legacy.

Legacy’s bold looks come from its prominent fenders on all the four wheels.

The shapes are made more visible by sharpening the lines. The lights are also given a special shape to heighten the aggressive look.


The front lights installed with LED are given a vertical shape. The front is embellished with a large grill with the logo on it in the center.

Subaru Legacy is packed with technology. Cameras are installed to view the back, on both sides. The side view mirrors are of a wedge style.


The interior is quite different too. The back of the front seats are installed with display screens and monitors for the rear cameras.


Seats are covered with light leather whereas the interior of the car is covered with black leather. It is a beautiful contrast and combination.


The wheel base is 3.2 inches longer than those currently present, to provide a roomy interior. Interior is comfortable and entertaining. The exterior is elegant and graceful.


This car altogether can be regarded as a new success idea car.

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