• May 29, 2009

Subaru WRX STI’s Next Generation Cars: Too Hot to Resist

subaru wrx Next Generation CarIt’s no doubt that Subaru has been one of the key players in the automobile industry with strong successes in the recent years. It has also attracted people by its unique design and style.

After the shipment of the Subaru Impreza WRX in the 2001, the company has also increased the trust that enthusiast had on the automobile firm. But for these minor achievements, Subaru has not yet come with an impeccable model to sweep everyone of their feet.

It has not been able to come up as a successful firm when it comes to sales of its cars and it has not been able to win the tough competition with other legends.

Though there is innovation and originality, the manufacturers at Fuji Heavy Industries must concentrate on a consistent design that people would love to buy.

They need to think from the public point of view and design their cars with a layman in their mind if they ought to win the tough fight to the top place. Again all these answers could not been given by a single man behind the WRX STI rally car renderings.

subaru wrx sti Next Generation Cars

One thing that’s worth mentioning here is the car’s style that has made people shout, “Oh it’s damn hot” in seeing its pictures in the Autoblog. The images of the new Subaru come in the courtesy of one man, Lars Martensson. According to him, the new STI need to be purposeful to the public and must be swat and mean if it needs to be popular.

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