• March 14, 2012

Superstars and their Super Cars

Superstars and celebrities love to make their public appearance with all the pomp and show whether it is a red carpet or a TV interview. Dressed in dazzling clothes and accessories, they are adored by their fans not only because of their unique abilities but also their good looks. Their style is also judged by the vehicle they own. Their supercars are always a source of attraction by the million of fans who admire them. We have compiled some of the famous cars of popular clebs.

1. Patrick Galen Dempsey and his beloved Jaguar E-Type

For all the Grey’s Anatomy fans out there, Patrick Dempsey is a style icon. Whether it’s his fashionable suits that give him good looks or his collection of sport cars, he is always popular. His beloved Jaguar E-Type is his most favorite among his cars. This blue beauty was first produced in 1960’s and was named as one of the “the most beautiful car ever made.”

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his stylish Excalibur

The Terminator hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger is definitely an icon not only for the Americans but for the action lovers all over the world. His white Excalibur reflects his classic style. It was first manufactured around 1960’s. As a politician he is still seen driving around in his Excalibur.

3. Kate Moss and Her misty Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Super Model Kate Moss has everything that can charm the people when she is on fashion runway. Her misty Rolls Royce Shadow is her traditional car that shows her magic. Being first manufactured in 1965, this car came with a price tag of just over $11,000. She can be often spotted driving her Silver Shadow.

4. Matthew David McConaughey and his sporty Chevy Camaro Z28

Matthew David McConaughey made his film debut in “Sex and the City”. His sporty Chevy Camaro Z28 reveals his fun- loving lifestyle. This black car has an aerodynamic chassis with Z28 sticker on the side. The unique feature that makes it stunning is an air-induction hood scoop with an intake door that unbolts beneath the full throttle.

5. Elle Macpherson and her stunning Aston Martin DB5 Convertible

The Australian model turned actress Elle Macpherson is sexy, stylish and chic. Debuting in the big budget film like “Batman & Robin”, she is mostly known in Hollywood for her modeling in popular magazines like “ELLE” and “SPORTS ILLUSTRATED”. Most of the time, she is seen driving in London in her Aston Martin DB5 Convertible. This stunning car was offered as a limited edition during its two- production years i-e from 1963 to 1965.

6. Jay Leno and his classic 1908 White Steam Car

Known for his witty jokes, hilarious style and entertaining comedy Jay Leno is also famous for his greatest car collection. He owns cars from the 1908 White Steam Car to 1930 Duesenberg J Walker Legrande Torpedo Phaeton. His favorite White Steam Car is honored to be one of the first official cars of the president of the United States. Seven people can sit in it. However, the steam cars production ended after the advent of gas-powered combustion engine but this car is still Jay Leno’s super car.

7. Brad Pitt and his trendy BMW Hydrogen 7

Academy Award and Golden Globe Award winner Brad Pitt is a celebrity who needs no introductions. This versatile Hollywood hero drives a trendy BMW Hydrogen 7. This luxury car runs on gasoline and hydrogen powered 6 litre V-12 engine and is a limited production hydrogen vehicle.

8. Ringo and his Beatle MINI

Everyone who loves music adores Beatles. This English rock band took the heart of music lovers and made the music fans crazy with it s rocking music around 1960’s. Ringo Starr, the drummer of the band owns a red MINI that is artistically painted with creative graphics.

9. Keanu Reeves and his stunning Porsche 911

Debuting in blockbuster films “The Matrix” and “Speed”, Keanu Reeves is a style- icon. His Porsche 911 is spectacular and shows his charismatic style. Porsche 911 is a luxury sports coupe and gives outstanding performance with its robust engine.

10. Paris Hilton and her red Ferrari

The hot chic Paris Hilton has added a hot red Ferrari to her collection of cars. Ferrari California is her new super car and can give a roaring output of 460 hp.

So, which celebrity car you liked the most ?? Do tell us and share your views and comments.

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