• July 23, 2009

Suzuki’s Latest Hot Addition

Suzuki SX4 SportBackSuzuki’s recent launch includes a hot hatch in the SX4 lineup. The new cat will have a wonderful hot hatch that will make it more appealing in the streets. The SX4 compact is a car that will be more of a powerful engine and will have an upgraded transmission.

The new street image boost is going to make for a redesigned 2 liter engine for the car which is going to be up from 7 hp to 150 hp. There are many gearboxes on the move that will totally propel the speed to variable degrees. The paddle shifters are also going to be geared with the ratio that will be similar to the Honda Fit.

The SX4 SportBack is going to be of smaller height and will include the chin spoiler as well. The rear deck will go on with side skirts and the new version is going to be all in the SportBack and front drive only. The new product is a direct launch of American Suzuki.

The notable features of this beautiful car include its single trim level. It is also going to be maintained on a standard of 17 inch wheels. There are also going to be rear seats as well as floor vents with passenger floors. The four-speaker with AM/FM shifts is also a grand addition for the pleasure of your journey. The MP3 jack and the XM satellite radio is also a great addition to this new car. The panel design is also fresh and instrumental to the change being brought up to the look.

SX4 SportBack

The company has paired with Road Race Motorsports of Santa Fe Springs of California to create this new deal. The cat-back exhaust is also a great addition to the new heightened hp rate. All these features make the new model as wonderful kit altogether. The special accessory pieces are available to dealers on order.

The SX4 SportBack competing against the VW Rabbit and Mazda3 brings a hugely sporty look overall. This one is a sort of crossover of the two. But also comes with some compromises and shortcomings overall. For instance its 6 feet gearbox or interior graining.

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