• September 13, 2009

Tackling Winter Driving Challenges

Winter Driving Tips

Driving in winter would surely pose some challenges at your end. These can be handled if you are prepared with the mechanical abilities as well as mental preparations.

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Some treacherous driving conditions can be warded off with proper tactics. As a driver you must be open and aware of the various possibilities of maintaining safety while driving and having fun! The consequences of an accidental slip or sliding can be quite freaky. They can even take your life. Getting stuck on a slide in the winter is one of the worst things that can happen as well as the thick snow can pose sudden problems.

Sleet covered roads are best avoided in winter while there are different temperature conditions that do not allow you to drive well at all. Some of the things that you can ensure to deal with winter driving are as follows:

1. Get a Tune Cap: There is nothing worse than a break down in the middle of a desert of snow. This is not a big issue in summer but when in winter it is better to be prepared for the worst when you are out and about with your car. When it is jaw freezing, a break down is the last thing you want. Bad hoses, belts, water pumps and even plug wires can lead you to be estranged on a lonely snow covered spot. This is one of the greatest dangers to come to face with and instead of just waiting for a truck to come over, it is better to be prepared ahead. Get your mechanic to check out your tire pressure and even ask for alerts or danger reactions from them especially by fall. This is something to be made aware of which can really help you ward of many such winter break down problems.

2. Make for a Battery Charging System That is Fresh: Be sure that your battery and its charging system are all ready and up to the mark as winter approaches. If they are old and lousy they could just cause you one of those fearful breakdowns. You could miss a lot of things due to a breakdown in summer but amidst acute snow deserts you could just miss out your life! Have battery that has enough fluid and life thriving to it. This oomph is really important to get you cruising along nice and dandy through winter months.

3. Check Your Car’s Cooling System: If you are in for antifreeze protection that you will have a better winter. You will need to make sure that your car’s protection is with 50-50% mix with coolant as the 100% does not help you lower the freezing point. If you would have thought it would, that was sort of the easier wrong notion. Your engine stays away from highly escalating and lowering heat transfer with the coolant. This is otherwise a known cause for a sudden break down with sparks coming out of a failing engine.

These are in fact some of the basic checkpoints for car driving in winter. There are of course many, many more tips which are needed to be checked and can be very finely tuned into through the help of your mechanic and others who have worked out the best deals to survive winter driving.

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