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Audi SUV Gets Efficient Engine
0 comments, 07/08/2009, by in Auto Reviews

Audi SUV The Audi Q7 SUV got a unique and efficient engine that is going to start off a new lease of life for itself. The Autoweek Magazine of last part revealed a great review about this new release of the luxury-SUV. Watching this car glide by would seem like the BMW or Mercedes Benz is creat... Read more...

Audi considering new eco-friendly lineup
0 comments, 17/01/2009, by in Audi, Auto News

A report in the British magazine ‘Car’ says that the plan for new eco-friendly vehicles has been approved by some top executives at Audi. According to this plan, Audi will launch a complete range of eco-friendly vehicles during the next five years. The report says that this environmentally... Read more...