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GM has Announced Termination of Pontiac
0 comments, 29/04/2009, by in Auto News

With that of the poor economic slump down felt around the world and mainly in United States, the General Motors, a famous automaker has announced that it will drop Pontiac by the end of 2010, a famous automobile brand produced and sold by GM and in turn it has planned to phase out and concentrate on... Read more...

Michigan group purchased most of Saleen Inc.
1 comment, 06/02/2009, by in Auto News

Saleen Inc. the world’s renowned specialty automaker is getting clearer about its coming times, as there were reports that a Michigan group had purchased the most part of the company during the last week. A unit known as MJ Acquisitions that owned many engine and other auto parts companies had ... Read more...

Guidelines Determined for Auto Bailout Plan
1 comment, 03/01/2009, by in Auto News

The U.S. Treasury has clarified guidelines for its auto industry rescue plan. The treasury says that there is a possibility to invest in debt, warrants or equity that would be determined as troubled assets of some automaker company. According to the treasury, these guidelines for Auto Industry Fi... Read more...