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Ford with its Long Term Car Deal
0 comments, 28/09/2009, by in Auto News, Ford

Ford Focus has won some very important accolades due to their record of bringing the best selling cars in the UK. The Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Climate is another one of those grand small cars that have come to be proven with extended longevity, great quality, intense, pleasure giving capacity, immense d... Read more...

Ford’s Battery Electric Focus
0 comments, 12/09/2009, by in Auto News, Ford

Ford’s battery electric focus is all exclusive with the vehicle coming on the Jay Leno Show. This is going to be a car that takes on the greening of the environment challenge very well. The new car will be on show at the NBC program with the attributes on the showcase battery being given to this v... Read more...

2009 Ford Focus Complete Review
2 comments, 04/05/2009, by in Auto Reviews, Ford

2009 Ford Focus Ford Focus has had a record of ups and downs since its inception in the last decade. The critics have risen, disapproving of the Fords design and styling. One major feature of concern was the fake fender vents that were a no-no for most of the car buyers and car raters. But that is ... Read more...