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Top 5 Electric Autos
1 comment, 07/03/2011, by in Auto Reviews

Electric Autos The subject of this issue, Green electric autos is especially important and timely as the commitment to reduce environmental impact and power consumption are becoming increasingly important objectives for businesses, auto manufacturers are now proactively considering environmental re... Read more...

Honda Insight: A new petrol saving machine
2 comments, 04/12/2008, by in Honda

Honda Insight will be the first car to use Honda’s newly developed Ecological Drive Assistance System. The car has been especially designed to make mileage of hybrid even better. The thing that you may find as its one of the most interesting features is a speedometer that changes color to drivi... Read more...

2009 Honda Civic: A review
3 comments, 13/11/2008, by in Auto Reviews, Honda

When in 1970s fuel prices jumped because of the first gas crisis of that decade, Honda came there with its Civic that was indeed a neat solution. The Civic was a real big hit with its space-efficient dimensions, 40mpg fuel economy and reliable nature. Though the Civic was much smaller than automo... Read more...