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80 years of Porsche Engineering
0 comments, 23/06/2011, by in Auto News, Porsche

Porsche AG set examples for others and its success story laid the foundation for global automobile companies. Engineering office of Porsche AG was established in 1931, the strong and purpose full mission and the far sighted nature of Ferdinand Porsche are the major reasons behind the today’s succe... Read more...

Review: Porsche AG
0 comments, 28/07/2010, by in Auto News, Porsche

Porsche AG The recent press release of Porsche AG has shown how the greater developments and research on the car has made it to be a well developed Hybrid for regular usage. Porsche Intelligence Performance and their R & D team has come with the higher and greater efficacy of Porsche cars to be... Read more...

Porsche AG: Debuted in Geneva
0 comments, 16/02/2010, by in Auto News, Porsche

Porsche AG 911 The Porsche AG 911 GT3 Hybrid is celebrating its stepping into the world in Geneva. Right after ten years after of the release of Ferdinand Porsche this new Porsche high definition hybrid has been released. The Porsche Intelligent Performance has been making racing cars that a... Read more...