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370Z: Back To Black
0 comments, 10/02/2010, by in Auto Reviews, Nissan

Nissan 370Z The Nissan Motors started manufacturing Datsun in 1960. The U.S. market first saw it in 1970. The first model was introduced was Datsun 240Z. The Americans appreciated this new entry tremendously. The results were an average sale of around 50000 cars every year. Up till now the A... Read more...

Ford’s Global CEO on the New Ford Figo
0 comments, 28/09/2009, by in Auto News, Ford

Ford’s global CEO has expressed his opinion that the new Ford Figo has been targeting India’s market in a big way making major shifts in plans with export sales. India is supposed to be the biggest important players with the future generation of Ford Marketing deals. The international strateg... Read more...

2009 Ford Focus Complete Review
2 comments, 04/05/2009, by in Auto Reviews, Ford

2009 Ford Focus Ford Focus has had a record of ups and downs since its inception in the last decade. The critics have risen, disapproving of the Fords design and styling. One major feature of concern was the fake fender vents that were a no-no for most of the car buyers and car raters. But that is ... Read more...