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Buying cars the easy way
0 comments, 13/06/2011, by in Auto Reviews

Some people tend to spend weeks and months trying to find the second hand car that they want. On the face of it, this seems reasonable because if you are looking for a second hand car you have to be pretty careful about what you buy. You may be used to searching out something in your local area,... Read more...

Finding a Used Car
0 comments, 19/08/2010, by in Tips and Guides

My daughter surprised both me and my wife a few months ago when she managed to pass her driving test at the first time of asking! We had spent months and months, and hundreds of pounds helping her to learn to drive, and sometimes, when I was out with her in the Amazingly she got through the test wit... Read more...

Tips for Buying a Used Car
1 comment, 08/03/2009, by in Tips and Guides

Buying a car can be a very good feeling for the buyer. While buying a car you can either go for a brand new car or a second hand one. Buying a new car can be a costly venture. People who can afford it usually go for a new car. However, buying a used car can save you some penny but it can be risky... Read more...