• January 16, 2013

Tata Nano – Review

For Tata, Nano was much more than a car because the company claims that it was a promise that they had made to their consumers. The company finally launched the cheapest car in India called Nano that created lot of buzz in the market. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top features of Tata Nano in the review below.


  • The all new Tata Nano is very much similar to the earlier versions of the car and since it is a low budget car Tata has decided not to experiment too much with the exteriors that can drive up the overall cost of the car. However, the front side of the vehicle is curvy and small making it good for front view and ideal for parking in limited urban spaces.
  • Diamond shaped headlamps and triangular fog lamps are well placed in the sweep down bonnet. The front bumper shares the same color as the car and the air vents are clearly visible right below the front fascia. Some of the higher end models have roof spoiler and roof beading which differentiates between different models of Tata Nano.


  • Under the hood, Tata Nano is powered by 624cc Multi Point Fuel Injection petrol engine that offers lot of improvements over the previous model, although the difference is marginal. The peak power of the car improves to 38 PS from 35PS in the earlier 2011 model. On the other hand, the maximum torque of the vehicle in 2012 has improved to 51Nm from 48Nm in the 2011 model.
  • The 2011 model of Tata Nano would only offer fuel efficiency of 23.6 kmpl but the new version of the car offers 25.4 kmpl which is also one of the strong points for the sale of the car. The earlier version would also have top speed of 100 kmph but the 2012 Tata Nano offers better speed with 105 kmph top speed.


  • Although, the car is often tagged as the cheapest car in India Tata Nano offers wide range of safety features that are good for the drivers and passengers. The car offers excellent safety features like Central Locking, Laminated Windshield, Center High Mount Stop Lamp, Door Lock on Driver and Passenger Side, Booster Brakes and Front and Rear Passenger Seat Belts.


  • The name of the car itself symbolizes that this is a small urban car and therefore it might not be as big as other cars in the same category but Tata Nano still offers better space for Indian car buyers. The car cabin is splashed with attractive blend of colors that make the interiors look different. The dual tone interiors instantly attract the buyers for it.
  • The dashboard of the car is nicely designed to offer most of the features and controls close to the driver. The instrument cluster sits in the center rather than behind the steering wheel.
  • The seats are comfortable and can accommodate four people without any discomfort but it would create problems if the fifth passenger enters the cabin.  The glove box is missing but the car still offers practical features like cup holders and magazine holders on the doors.


  • 2012 Tata Nano is available in the market for Rs. 1,53,641 and above.


Tata Nano is a small car that offers lot of features to the consumers like better engine performance and improved fuel economy. The car is small in size and therefore it is easier to drive through traffic and easy to park as well. However, the car has small fuel tank and lacks the power that is present in other smaller hatchbacks in the Indian market but the car still manages to impress buyers all over the nation with its cute looks.

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