• August 2, 2012

Tesla Model S – A Review

Tesla Model S is the new premium electric sedan that is equipped with the most advanced technology.  It was recently debuted at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California and the company plans to produce 5,000 cars by the end of 2012 . Almost 20,000 cars will be manufactured in 2013. The exterior is eye catching and the interior is luxurious. The safety features are high-tech and robust engine can give outstanding performance.

Tesla Motors co-founder, CEO and Chief Product Architect Elon Musk said, “In 2009, we set out to build the most innovative car of the 21st century, and since then have dedicated ourselves to developing and testing Model S to ensure that under any situation, Model S never disappoints. Today we achieved our goal with an exceptional car that we believe sets a new standard for efficiency, safety, style, technology, operating cost and performance.”

Let’s have a look at some of its remarkable features.

Stunning Exterior

The exterior is stunning and stylish with aluminum-intensive design. The All Glass Panoramic Roof lets you experience a convertible like drive. It is made with lightweight safety glass. Also, there is a choice of black roof and body colored roof. The 19- inch wheels are integrated elegantly into the sides of the chassis.

Comfortable Interior

The interior is comfortable and lavish. Five adults and two children can easily accommodate in the car. The interior is fashioned with Alcantara and carbon fiber accents. For kids under 10, bucket seats give a comfy seating space. While the jump seats can fold completely flat to create space for our luggage. An additional 5.3 cubic-foot compartment can hold a mountain bike, a surfboard, and a flat screen TV.The 58 cubic feet of storage is available when the rear seats are folded down.

Robust Engine

Model S  is powered by battery and offer its customer three battery options. i-e the 40 kWh battery, the 60 kWh battery and the 85 kWh battery. These batteries  use automotive-grade lithium-ion cells set for optimum energy density and thermal management. In 4.4 seconds it can travel up to 60 miles per hour. The charging port is hidden behind the taillight and you can rapidly charge it from 240 volt and 110 volt outlets. A High Power Wall Connector and Twin Chargers allow it to recharge at the rate of 62 mile range per hour. With a Tesla fifty-percent charge in thirty minutes. A new EPA record for an electric vehicle range of 265 miles is achieved by this new sedan.

Advanced Safety

The safety of the passengers has been enhanced by advanced safety features. They include

  • Eight Airbags
  • Rigid Occupant Cell
  • Traction and Stability Control

Innovative Technology

Model S is loaded with innovative technology features. They include

  • 17” Touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity
  • Two USB ports
  • Bluetooth
  • Digital instrument cluster
  • Steering wheel controls
  • Navigation and communications cabin controls
  • Tesla Key

Pricing and Availability

The base price is $49,900 and it is expected to be available by the end of the year.

So, cruise with the electrical speed in the new Tesla Model S.

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