• July 30, 2009

The 5 W’s of Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

Car Insurance QuotesIt always better to play safe, especially with things like cars. You might be paying what is according to you, a very reasonable price with your person at present. Even if you think that the price is very reasonable, you have nothing to lose by going to other insurance companies and comparing quotes for car insurance. But it is always the best thing to do, that is, drivers should always known the market situation when it comes to insurance and they should also know how much others are paying as compared to them. Not only is it advisable to do it once, one should go out in the market and do this analysis on a frequent note. There are 5 points on which quotes should be compared. These 5 points are based on who, what., when, where and why.


This is about who should do the market analysis. Do not think that you should not do it. You and every other car driver should go and compare the price that he or she is paying with the other prices of car insurance that others are paying in the market. All drivers, whether new ones or even older drivers, everyone should compare carrier prices. If you find that another carrier is offering you a lesser price, then you should go ahead with the new company.

What process?

Here is the process where you should sit down with the list of all the quotes that you have collected from the market. You have to give out certain information which are about the driver and the vehicle. Once these questions are answered, the website will send you quotes which are accurate and will be tailored to your needs. You can go through this entire process at least four to five times. All you or the driver has to do is to change the coverage answers. Once you get the desired number of quotes you can sit down and compare and then once you have made your decision with the company of your choice then you can buy the specified policy.

When should you compare?

One of the times you should compare quotes from different companies is when you see that your carrier has hiked the price as a result of the hike in the company itself. Remember that the carrier will only do so if they see that they have paid too many claims and their profit has dipped. Also keep your eyes and ears open. If you see that someone else you know is paying a lower price than you are, then you should go ahead and do the market comparison.


You can conduct the comparison of the quotes on different websites that are available like onlineautoinsurance.com. The process is complimentary and very simple to carry out.

Why should you?

The main reason for comparing these quotes is to save your hard earned money and also time. The process of taking down quotes from different companies is very easy and also takes very less time.

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