• July 20, 2009

The Best Cars to Look for

Toyota CamryAuto sales have been sliding down in the last one year while two of big Detroit automakers are bankrupt. Shoppers are still not high on investing on a new car and the Detroit scene has been a bleak one. The decline in the industry has paved way for huge losses and yet foreign cars are always making more business as local companies don’t do well.

As automakers do not make great business car shoppers are not clear on how to venture to get a brand new car with trust. The credit crisis also rises for many and belt tightening economy seems to be on order. Car shoppers are too many now and mostly a dazed lot as compared to the usual great American car buying thrill that was widely enjoyed. There are various car buying incentives on the market too but little to advice solidly on what would be the best decisions to make in this economy.

The new awards for the Best Cars for the Money in 2009, is the latest addition to establish greater awareness of monetary value according to a car in this uncertain and shrinking economy. There are big incentives in the market but that does not mean that customers are lured enough or attracted to be confident enough to step up.

Focusing on cars that would be winners could actually give a guideline and a back up to prove the economically rewarding cars of the year. This is being the main derivative about to be received from the whole process. But it would not mean that the car would be functioning throughout the lifetime but only acceptable in this economy.

Honda Fit

The Awards include nominations and categories among different lines of auto ranking in the U.S. The online place to look for the updates is Ranksandreviews.com. The best of the cars and their classifications are to be found here. There are also reviews from automotive press, the customers as well as expert opinions. Over all it is a relative study which could largely guide you into buying the right automobiles for the next year but not always for the long term picture. There are certain specific characteristics that are taken in consideration which are significantly incorporated within the nomination process. But there are limitations to this process as well.

Mazda Mazda5

New car choices and ownerships are being encouraged through this ranking process as are guides available on why and how to buy them. The data from IntelChoice also happens to be one of the number one sources to provide the statistics for the assessment involved here. There is a way of assessing 5 year total cost process of the car which seems to be the path breaking feature that can help customers. Over all collective opinion too plays a vital role in determining the new cars’ values. Customers are also guided well on expert maintenance, insurance policies and fuel charges as overall cost input for the car. With all the logs, data and reviews there is bound to be some fruitful way through which one can determine the best cars to suit one’s lifestyle.

Hyundai Elantra

The winners will come from 14 new classes. Toyota is the sure winner with assessment so far. The 5 Toyotas have come up to be the top 5 best cars of the year, in accordance to the money spent on them. Lexus, Toyota Luxury Marquee class, Chevrolet, Mazda, Korean Upstart, Honda and Hyundai also make to the top list.

Lexus RX

5 of the winners are also hybrid cars which come with some super values. From Honda Fit to hulking Chevrolet Tahoe, there are a lot of shared qualities and features among the winners. These are all lower range cars with worry free ownership and easy maintenance. After all that is what we are looking for to thrive in this economy and make it possible to come up with all costs. Toyota makes for bulletproof quality covers for their cars and happens to be of excellent quality. No wonder the first few notches are taken by it. It also has low maintenance charges, a hassle everyone needs to avoid. They retain the net value over other cars in a better way.

Lexus ES

The winning cars have always received positive press reviews and customer feedback. These are not the kind of cars that would be featured as luxury pieces but as the common people’s choices their easy accessibility, good price, maintenance and usage. These make overall popular choices among a wide range of people. A vast majority of shoppers would be able to relate to these cars. For instance the Lexus ES is an Upscale choice for cars with a total package coverage. It is not as big as the Mercedes Benz C Class or gives a super smooth drive like the BMW 3-Series but it is something that will be easy on your wallet and will give you a comfortable experience throughout its tenure.

Mercedes Benz C Class

Another winner like the Mazda5 is the Best Compact Crossover that gives incredible value for money. It also stays in line with other such wonderful competitors like the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. Hyundai Elantra has been voted to be the Best Compact Car in this list with making solid and fruitful economical progress.

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