• July 26, 2016

Past, Present and Future: The Best of the Audi Range

Past, Present and Future: The Best of the Audi Range

There are a few car manufacturers which are often held in high regard for their quality – and you’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who would disagree with putting Audi in this category.

Throughout their long and prestigious manufacturing history, they’ve produced some incredible cars which are favoured for a variety of driving needs. To give you a clearer picture then of just why Audi are so sought-after, in this post we’ve selected a few exemplary models from the previous and current ranges, and we’ve even taken a look at what’s on the horizon for the coming generations.

The Past

To start with what might be considered a ‘classic’ Audi, you need look no further than the Audi Quattro. This was both a road and rally car, and from its incarnation in 1980, through to its final production in 1991 it was a very popular model. It was the 2.2L engines that really stole the show though and despite being a chunkier 2-door coupe it could still really shift.

You could of course argue that any Audi predating today’s generations is a classic though, such is the impressiveness of their collections.

The Present

The best part about the current range is that there’s almost too much choice to consider and. Whether you’re buying new, used or even leasing from a specialist Audi dealer like John Clark, there’s pretty much an Audi for any preference.

For a stylish car for business use there are several executive cars like the A3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, equally though the A1 is a great family hatchback as is the S3.

For those looking for a big more power though, there are also many gutsy sports models and sports cars to discover. Whichever you prefer however, you can always count on the best in design and in-car convenience, as this is something Audi pride themselves on offering their customers.

The Future

As you may expect from a leading brand like Audi, the future it seems is destined to be electric. In this piece from engadget it was revealed that they hope to have ‘three models by 2020’. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though as several other names, including BMW and Nissan, have already unveiled several electric models – it seems only logical that Audi should follow suit.

So whether you’ve yet to enjoy these cars or you’re looking to invest in a vehicle which will make you proud to drive, make sure you consider an Audi to make the most of everything mentioned above.

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