• June 29, 2009

The first impression of Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Lancer 2010The Mitsubishi Lancer will be introducing in Paris with a fantastic opening. Lot of expectations is there about the car, and performance of the car. They give guarantee for the style and look of the car.

Only few cars giving a pleasant effect like the Mitsubishi cars. This model cars will introduced in 2010 or before the summer of 2010. They planned to attract the customer in the summer itself because lot of customer likes to buy the car in summer only.

The Mitsubishi lancer Ralliat Sportback is similar to an old one with few alterations in the features. Even though the feature is limited the importance for the shape of the car is increased from the people side.

It is very much similar to the previous MR model cars. Lot of features is introduced in this new car, like Evo-first moonroof. Mitsubishi always on top in the pricing of the car, they fixed cost of the car be $40000.

Source: autoblog

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