• July 31, 2009

The Greatest Find of eBay

Prince Skyline 2000GT1967 Nissan Prince Skyline 2000GT is being sold second hand and what could be a greater news that auto collectors all over the world? To grab this Prince straight through eBay you would have to work fast.

The Japanese manufacturer went by the name Prince to call this steal of a model. Though this car was initially named to be Tachikawa Aircraft Company after the builder of Pearl Harbor’s Zeros, the shorter and savvy name suited it find to become its commercial success print.

The name was again switched on to Fuji Precision Industries to again switch back to being Prince. In 1966 the Prince emerged with Nissan to come along in this name again.

Skyline 2000GT

The Skyline has been one of the most popular Prince cars in the series. If you want to be lucky enough to drive it or if you have a penchant for post WW2 car makes then you should rush to eBay to have your grab. These traditional beauties are rare to come by and a Skyline or Nissan GT-R reminds us of a Porsche 959 anytime!

Source: autoblog

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