• October 5, 2009

The Honda Brings over New Nano Technology

Honda Nano TechnologyThe Honda has now brought about new technological promises with new classy electronic breakthroughs. The latest researches have shown that the new editions have brought about new carbon nanotubes with 100,000 times thinner than the width of human hair.

There are always greater potentialities to transport latest electrical safety with faster and even great distance of minimal losses of energy. The micsroscopic carbon naotube is all about bringing in the latest conjunction process that has worked in association with Purdue University as well as the University of Louisville.

This new technology has brought forth the miniaturization of energy efficacy and utility of greater as well as more powerful computer technology. There have been electrodes that have had supercapacitors for electrical as well as cable and battery plug in systems. There are infinite fuel cells, solar cells, artificial muscles, composite materials meant for automobiles as well as planes for energy storage materials.

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