• June 12, 2014

The latest Corvette Z06 has a horsepower rating of 650

2015 Corvette Z06 Rated at 650 HorsepowerCorvette Z06 has been the latest launch from General Motors and with its smart and prolific features, this car has turned out to be the most powerful variant of production car. In fact, with a 650 horsepower, this car delivers an efficient and strong performance.

The latest innovation in this car is the Lt4’s supercharged 6.2L engine. This engine is also a V-8 one and it comes with a horsepower of 650, at 6,400 rpm. In fact, this new LT4 engine has set a new benchmark for engine capacity, torque and also power. In fact, this engine puts the Corvette Z06 at par with some of the most commendable and strong American supercars. Again, the performance and the amazing style make this car perfect for daily use.

The car comes with a series of engine specs. Among them the most remarkable one is the Aluminum cylinder heads. These heads are powerful enough to handle the engine heat. Besides that, the lightweight valves of titanium and commendably high compression Ratio adds to the performance of this car. The exhaust systems are made of stainless steel and the metal steel is forged and machined. In fact, with the unique and powerful LT4 engine structure; the Corvette Z06 has now outpaced Porsche’s 911 Turbo engine as well.

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