• March 25, 2010

The latest news about Vertical Landing

Will you believe us if we tell you that the US Military has reason again to enjoy. You probably will, well they do and this time it won’t just be the US Military rejoicing because what they are happy about is actually something that is going to benefit the allied nations such as UK as well as Italy too. What they have achieved is F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Vertical Landing. Read on to find out why the other nations will benefit from this as well.

Photo by Aircraftmaniac

For starters you have to understand what this kind of vertical landing means when one considers the aircraft that it has been achieved in. The F-35 is the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world at the moment if you are considering the latest fifth generation aircrafts and considering that think about the possibilities that the military can achieve with vertical landing having been achieved. The experiment had been carried out with the aircraft having taken off and flown for a little less than fifteen minutes. After this, the plane was made to hover over the air field for about a minute after which the plane was made to land vertically on an area of a mere ninety five square meters. This means that landing in constricted spaces through its ability to land vertically is what has been achieved.

The result of that is that the country who is going to be using this supersonic super fast aircraft that also has the ability to be able to land on the smallest of areas both on the land as well as on water- they can take on global missions with ease and improve the military security of their nations as thy do not have to worry about the landing space and the conditions for their superior planes.

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