• February 16, 2010

The Lexus New Hybrid Hatchback

Hybrid Hatchback

The CT200h is the brand new Lexus hybrid hatchback that is going to be compact as well as going to bring in greater competence in many ways. This car would be featured in its glory in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show which is going to take place coming month.

Photo by Lexusaddicted

This car is now being claimed to be one of the most celebrated hybrid and compact segments that is going to bring some of the best features based on the concepts from LF-Ch. This idea has been showcased through the entire 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

This car has been powerful without the usual internal combustion engine being put on. The 200h moniker is thus to be represented with its 2 liter engine. The coupled electric powers have been bringing some of the most interesting perspective to this new place. The CT 200h is going to pass into an entirely new concept of hybrid car unit with models such as RX450h or the GS 450h as well as LS600h.

This new model is thus going to be released rather shortly with much fanfare. The next reviews on this debut will bring better awareness of what this wonderful car is all about.

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