• October 15, 2010

The Most Common 5 Problems Faced By Buyers On A Low Priced Car

In today’s knowledge based economy, customer is no more impulse buyers. In most of the cases with limited disposable income to spend, most of the consumers go through in-depth research before buying a car. Cars are no more just a social statement, it is a real purchase. People are very uncertain about the quality of the car. General perception goes with the statement that inexpensive cars are mostly poor in quality. This trend has been recently changed due to manufacturing and production faults resulting in recalls by even renowned companies.

It is difficult to find problems in car with an inexperienced eye during purchase. One should be very cautious particularly in case of low priced cars because their low price is indicating poor quality, substandard or some genuine problem. Following are some of the key problems which consumers should check before buying a low price car:

1. Major Accident/Damage in Past:

Mostly used cars have always been for sale because of their unfortunate history in road accidents. Problems in chassis and wheel alignment for instance should be thoroughly checked before the purchase, because it can not only result in higher maintenance expenses in future but also can be fatal on road.

2. Transmission/Millage Concerns:

In most of the cases low priced cars have covered hundreds and thousands of miles. This causes two main problems

  1. general wear and tear of car parts
  2. continuous deterioration of transmissions.

This problem is even more dangerous when it comes to poor maintenance of car in the past. So maintenance records of transmission fluids should be verified before purchasing the car.

3. Renewed Engine:

Engine is the power house of a car. It not only provides power to the car, but also the most complex part of the car when it comes to problems. In most of the cases when a new owner gets stuck into engine issues, it empties his pockets in addition with wastage of time on elucidation of problem. So when you buy a new car with low price, take it for a drive to check its engine. Besides that if possible do take a mechanic with you on drive, so if there is some hidden issue, he can instantly guess it and save you from future anxiety.

4. Wiring/Electrical Concerns:

When it comes to used low budgeted cars, electrical problems are customarily. They can range from a simple window motor jamming to a multifaceted check engine indication. They are mostly easier to resolve and are inexpensive, but may take time to find the loophole. So before buying a car, mechanic should check all its electrical loopholes for perfect purchase.

5. Carbon dioxide Emission:

The higher amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the car explains two main problems

  1. the engine is in poor condition
  2. the car is poor on millage.

Moreover it’s an environment hazard. So if you find a car with higher carbon emission, it is best to continue your search.

The Best Solution “Maintenance Records”:

The best solution to prove your car of all the problems is to look into the maintenance records. The car should be preserved at appropriate intervals from proper dealers. For instance well-timed filter and oil changes at least guarantees you that engine is in good condition.

The car is never old when it comes to proper maintenance. Buying new car is not always the possible solution because people have a lot of things in their financial agenda. So buy according to your wish but make sure your wish comes true in a good style.

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