• September 7, 2010

The Nine Days of Traffic Jam in China Made a Strange History

The traffic jam for even 2-3 minutes seems to be a very horrible experience but China has changed the history of traffic Jams this week, thousands of vehicles were stalled on the roads for more than 100km and this is the story of Beijing where a traffic jam continued for 9 days.

Photo By China Chas

The road which showed up the situation of Chinese traffic was the Beijing-Tibet expressway that slowed down the traffic on 14 August due to the cargo-bearing heavy trucks that were coming toward the capital and another reason was the road maintenance work.

The drivers of the vehicles that had been stuck in the traffic jam also complained that they had been charged almost double for the food and drinks by the locals of those areas. The construction work of the roads that has been a major cause of this jam is going to continue up till September but the government might have planned for a solution after this massive jam.

According to the press reports the traffic on these roads slowed to snail’s pace in June and July for near about a month and this latest jam has worsen every previous data or record.

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