• November 14, 2008

The R4 – Audi plans a new mid-engined machine

Well, we can expect that it would be a real treat for sports car fans, the R4, a new striking mid-engined machine that Audi is planning for. The newcomer is said to be based on an entirely new platform and it sits above the TT in Audi’s range.

The R4 is emerging as a result of a rumoured joint venture with Porche and this project will produce a new platform to support Roadster and Coupe versions of the R4.

With LED lights, deep air intakes and sweeping profile, it seems that the new Audi is quite visually inspired from the R8 supercar, however, this similarity is not just by chance as Audi plans to reveal a range of R-badged sports cars.

They are considering including an R6 to rival new E-type replacement from Jaguar and Porsche 911 and want to include an R10 model based on the V12 TDI R8 diesel concept.

It will benefit Audi as well as Porsche who will share Audi’s engines and decrease the costs regarding developing a new platform.

It seems that Audi is quite keen to maintain its healthy profitability especially in the current financial climate and it’s a factor that enables it to take a majority share in Volkswagen. The two firms to work together to produce the R4 and the next-generation Boxster.

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