• July 14, 2014

The Road Ahead – Futuristic Technologies from the World of Automobiles

The Road Ahead – Futuristic Technologies from the World of Automobiles

ford_police_interceptor3The automobile industry is booming right now and with each passing day, more and more new inventions are being made to make the automobiles we use more trustworthy and reliable. Safety and comfort are the biggest two factors now when it comes to cars and automobile engineers from around the world try their level best to make driving a smoother experience for us all. So here are a few really awesome technologies which are not just futuristic, but really helpful too.

1. Self-driving cars

Google is the main honcho behind this cool concept. Using lasers, radars and cameras, along with many other top of the shelf technology, Google has been testing cars which drive themselves on cordoned off highways for quite some time now. With all the gadgets on board, the aim is to make the car take note and prepare for all the natural conditions around it, much faster than a human driver ever could. Road accidents will be really minimized if this drive is a proper success, and more importantly, taxi cab drivers will hugely benefit from this, as taxi insurance along with this latest state of the art technology will really help them save up on big bucks if a road accident were to occur.

2. Voice-controlled cars

This is a concept which has been developed by Ford and Microsoft together, where they have come up with a technology called Sync. In this case, the cars systems are all synced in with your smartphone. So a driver can control all the aspects from his smartphone. If you need to limit the maximum speed of your car, you can do so with the help of your smartphone, and if someone driving your car goes over the speed limit, you receive an instant alert on your smartphone.

3. Rear radars

This is a very simple yet highly useful technology which is very popular nowadays. There are radars at the back of your car, and whenever you need to back out of a tight spot, the radar becomes active, and starts beeping if you are getting too close to an obstacle behind you. This technology can really help you save up on a lot of fender benders indeed.

4. Remote controlled parking

This is a cool and useful technology, which BMW has made available to its customers. In order to park your car, you simply get out of your car, and press the car-park button on your key. Next thing you know, you car moves at a speed of 1 mph and parks itself and shuts itself down in the garage!

5. Hybrid Cars

Toyota Prius is the best example of a successful hybrid car. Hybrid cars are basically cars which have modified engines which give you better performance and mileage than stock cars would normally give. In the Prius, the car runs on electricity till the speed of 30, and then it shifts to petrol, decreasing fuel emissions in the process.

 6. Phones which lock/unlock your car

Zipcar has been working on an app, which you can use to start your car, lock and unlock it too, by just using an app on your iPhone. This means added security and minimised threats from carjackers.


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