• February 8, 2012

The Time of Year When Most Road Accidents Occur

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When it comes to examining the impact that weather conditions and the seasons have on road accident levels, there can be little doubt that the impact is enormous. Furthermore, there can equally little dispute that one time of year above all others is the one when the most traffic accidents in Britain occur: winter. The UK frequently experiences extreme weather of different kinds throughout the year nowadays, but the kinds of weather the country has during the winter months represent particularly bad news for motorists. If you have been in an accident and are experiencing whiplash injury symptoms contact RoadTrafficAccidentSite.com as they will be able to advise you on if you are able to make a claim.

Britain is regularly hit by periods of heavy rain and snow, coupled with bouts of freezing cold temperatures, during the months of winter. This combination produces layers of black ice on UK roads – something that can be deadly for drivers. As the name indicates, this ice is dark coloured, making it very hard for drivers to see when it is covering the road surface. This, together with it slipperiness, can see drivers lose control of the vehicles, if they are not sufficiently prepared to cope with it. In order to deal with ice on the roads, drivers have to be prepared to go more slowly during the winter months, even on motorways, as the stopping distances of their vehicles will be greatly reduced. Furthermore, they also need to ensure that they have tyres with enough grip to be able to take on icy roads – either by using special winter tyres, or by using standard ones that have been checked for tread depth.

As has been indicated the inability to see black ice is as big a cause of danger as the slipperiness of it, and another reason why it is so hard for drivers to spot on the roads, is that it gets dark in Britain much earlier during the winter. Again, in order to be able to deal with this, drivers must make sure that all lights on the vehicle are in working order and that mirrors and windows provide the maximum visibility possible.

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